Non-Linear OPTIMIZATIONS with Multiple Constraints


Known As SANEO “Fine Tuning” Concept ®© (Patent Pending)


True Represent

 Of The

New Generation Of Optimization Technologies


The OPTIMUM SOLUTION is expressly created and automatically delivered by the program.


The technology advantages are:  


1.      NO Partial, NO Negative Math Solutions

2.      No Endless Guess & Trials

3.      Yes, Effective Solutions ‘Under Pressure’


This technology plays the crucial role in highly sensitive and complex


Volumetric With Pores Stone SKELETON Grading Optimization, Providing Consistently Optimum ’Spatial Packing’


As a Result


User Gains Desired Product Solution and pockets SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS.




In addition to the above in brief described key optimization technology, we use some other modified technologies such as the one  derivation from a


Sequential Unconstrained Minimization Technique Which Uses Mixed Penalty Function



Constrained Nonlinear Optimization

Constrained nonlinear optimization problems are composed of a nonlinear objective function and may be subject to linear and nonlinear constraints. The ASPHALT EXPERT SYSTEM®© uses several brand new, modified, and derived methods to solve these problems. Some of them are based on the following known methods: trust-region and active set sequential quadratic programming.

Nonlinear Least-Squares, Data Fitting, and Nonlinear Equations


ASPHALT EXPERT SYSTEM®© has various unique ‘built-in’ optimization technologies that represent a significant departures from three well-known methods for solving nonlinear least squares problems: Trust-region, Levenberg-Marquardt, and Gauss-Newton in order to solve nonlinear least squares problems, data fitting problems, and systems of nonlinear equations.

·          Trust-region is used for bound constrained problems.

·          Levenberg-Marquardt is a line search method whose search direction is a cross between the Gauss-Newton and steepest descent directions.

·          Gauss-Newton is a line search method that chooses a search direction based on the solution to a linear least-squares problem.

ASPHALT EXPERT SYSTEM®© also includes a specialized interface for data-fitting problems to find the member of a family of nonlinear functions that best fits a set of data points. ASPHALT EXPERT SYSTEM®© uses the same methods for data-fitting problems as it uses for nonlinear least-squares problems.