Standard ASPHALT EXPERT SYSTEM ®© License Purchasing And Free Of Charge Professional Installation, Training, and One Year Technical Support Cost In Average As:


1/100 th Of A Mid-Size Capacity Asphalt Plant Or









1/10 th Of A Moderately Equipped Plant / Field Asphalt Lab Or




1/1 Compact Size European Car

(Including All Regional, Promotional Discounts, BUT With No Special Discounts) 

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Updated Price Policy

valid till Oct 31st, 2012


Strict Guidelines:


ASPHALT EXPERT SYSTEM ®© - The Advanced Asphalt Application Version 3.1 PRO ©

BASIC PRICE ( 2+0 units ) 





a) up to 40 % off (regional)

b) 10% off (promotional)



c) As Much As $/Euro 1,500 off per contract for two simultaneously signed contracts

d) As Much As $/Euro 3,000 off per contract for three or more simultaneously signed contracts

provided common training for ALL involved clients


Educational / Non-commercial License (for technical faculties and educators) Discounts: 50 % off (regular)



Important Note # 1:

·          License is unlimited

·         Price includes free installation, free basic introduction into RATIONAL ASPHALT TECHNOLOGY ® ©

and free training ( in duration of minimum 15 and maximum 20 h - in subsequent order days)

·          Each additional installation is $/Euro 2,500 w/o ANY discounts regardless of # of licenses purchased.


Important Note # 2: All prices are in the NET amounts irrespective to the fiscal, administrative and the other applicable fees. All related fees and expenses are to be paid by the Licensee.


Important Note #3:

Price Does NOT Include either TECHNICAL SUPPORT FEE (in the amount of 10% of the NET Contract Value per Year - mandatory payable by the user each year after first one on the specific contract day) or Technical Assistance Fee (the amount is subject to the specifics to be  found in the license agreement - terms & conditions/separate technical assistance agreement ).


Important Note #4: A ‘middle man’ commission is up to 10% of the net license agreement value



Also, Client Could Make Separate Purchases:

PRICE : 60 % of the ’Full’ Package (All Other General and Particular Conditions Remain The Same)



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