What Is The Basic Package Of Optimization Programs?


A.      Basic Package Consists Of FOUR Independent Programs Which Function As OPTIMUM SOLVER.

Intelligent ‘Real Time’ Solutions Are Delivered For Variety Of Problems:





Four Optimization Programs Are Displayed Here (See Screenshots Above):


-                    ‘GOAL SEEK’®© Optimization – ‘Goal Seek’ Is Optimization Method Used In Situation When Some Parameters Such As Material Properties And State Specs Are Fixed And A Single One  – for instance, Binder Content – MUST Be Found / Quantified. The SOLUTION Is EXACT! No Waste Of Time & Money On Futile LAB ‘Guess & Trials’)


-                    ‘What If?’®© Optimizations – This Is A Tool For Initial Performance Evaluation And For Biding Documents PreparationTrue Solver In Simulation Analyses. Some Parameters Are Fixed Such As State Specs. The Others - Several Main Variables - Are Allowed To Be Played With.


-                    ‘Cost-Effect’®© Optimization /Analyses – ‘Cost-Effect’ Optimization Allows Instant ‘Cost Scenario’ Development As A Part Of ‘Limitless’ Simulations. It Is Especially Beneficial When One Or More Modifiers Are To Be Integrated In Technical Solution.


-                    ‘ASPHALT WIZARD’®©This Is Universal Intelligent Tool For Instant, Cost Effective, Production & Placement Easy Mix-Design Solutions That Are Always Fully Compatible With Technical Standards/Specs


In Addition The Following Is Possible:


- Optimum Resource Management,

- Advanced ‘Range’ Simulations (If Lab Data Not Available or Not-Reliable),

- ‘Critical Mission’ Analyses,

- Preliminary ‘Cause / Effect’ Studies

- Effective Cost Solutions With Regard To Alternative Supply Lines And Designs

- Conceptual Estimates

- Scientific Research

-  Training & Educational Studies


International Asphalt Expert Alliance Researchers are

leaders in integration of the best optimization technologies with the latest asphalt research findings with ‘in situ’ verifiable results.


True understanding of crucial interrelations ’built in’ these fine optimization programs as part of Asphalt Expert System Knowledge Base®©,

becomes available through training during Technology Transfer.