A.       The ASPHALT EXPERT SYSTEM ®© is the advanced software – the package of autonomous and/or interrelated different purpose programs. Those programs provide its user with the best/desired single solution or with the range of feasible solutions in ANY given situation, considering ALL specific restraints and conditions.

The software dynamically prioritizes numerous influential parameters giving out various intelligent solutions.


The Solutions Are In Quality and Time Spent For FAR ABOVE Those Delivered By

Either An Individual Asphalt Engineer / Expert Or An Expert Team Under ANY Set Of Circumstances.


 The obtained are, in fact, ‘real time’ solutions for 85 - 90% of the issues that one could face with in the asphalt field.


The ASPHALT EXPERT SYSTEM ®©  ‘architecture’ consists of four functional parts:

·          Rational/Optimum Asphalt Mix (Re)Design & Construction Validation,

·          Rational/Optimum Expertise and Analyses,

·          Rational Input Material Selection and Testing,

·          Educational ’Module’

·          Populated Data Bases,

·          Extras (Structural Pavement Design)

Data managament is Optimum. Customization is done strictly according to the client needs and

according to the valid technical standards/agency specifications concerning QCQA criteria such as:

aggregate grading (includes standards for sieves), control criteria for physical properties of the Asphalt Material And Physical Constituents, etc.


What is ‘The Advanced Asphalt Application 3.1. PRO’?


A.      The ’Advanced Asphalt Application 3.1. PRO’ ®© is commercial software brand,  

the latest version of the ‘Asphalt Expert System’ ®©,

customized for variety of clients such as:


·          Asphalt Manufacturers,

·          Asphalt Mix Designers,

·          Asphalt Work Supervisors,

·          Asphalt Engineers,

·          Certified Asphalt Labs,

·          Asphalt Institutes,

·          Road Directorates,

·          Material Suppliers,

·          Equipment Manufacturers,

·          Court Experts etc.