What is Expert System?


A computer program that contains a knowledge base and set of algorithms or rules that infer new facts from knowkedge base and from incoming data - - i.e. computer application that performs a task that would otherwise be performed by a human expert.


An Expert System is an artificial intelligence application that uses a knowledge base of human expertise to aid in solving problems.

To design an expert system, one needs a knowledge engineer, an individual who studies how human experts make decisions and translates the rules into terms that a computer can understand.

In essence, they are programs made up of a set of rules that analyze information (usually supplied by the user of the system) about a specific class of problems, as well as provide analysis of the problem(s), and, depending upon their design, recommend a course of user action in order to implement corrections.

The Expert System derives its answers by running the knowledge base through an interference engine, a software program that interacts with the user and processes the results from the rules and data in the knowledge base. 

The degree of problem solving is based on the quality of the data and rules obtained from human experts sources/research organizations/valid experience in particular field. In general, the Expert Systems are designed to perform at human expert level. In practice, they perform both well bellow and WELL ABOVE (as in case of ASPHALT EXPERT SYSTEM ®© ) that of an individual expert or a team of experts.

A related term is wizard (software). Like an expert system, a wizard is also an interactive computer program that helps a user solve a problem. Usually, the term wizard is used for programs that search a database for criteria entered by the user. Unfortunately, the distinction between these two definitions is not universal, and some rule-based programs are called wizards.

Simple systems use simple true/false logic to evaluate data, but more sophisticated systems are capable of performing at least some evaluation taking into account real-world uncertainties, using such methods as fuzzy logic. Such sophistication is difficult to develop and still highly imperfect.








A. The ASPHALT EXPERT SYSTEM ®©  is kind of advanced software – the package of autonomous and/or interrelated different purpose programs, which provide its user with the best/desired single or the range of feasible solutions in ANY given situation, considering ALL specific restraints and conditions.

The software dynamically prioritizes numerous influential parameters giving out various intelligent solutions. Those Solutions Are FAR ABOVE that of an individual asphalt engineer/ expert or a team of experts is able to deliver under ANY circumstances. Solutions are in fact  ‘real time’ solutions. for 85 - 90% of the issues that one can face with in the asphalt field.


The ASPHALT EXPERT SYSTEM ®©  ‘architecture’ is made of four functional parts: Rational/Optimum Asphalt Mix (Re)Design, Rational/Optimum Expertise and Analyses, Rational Input Material Selection and Testing, and so called ‘Educational Module’. There are several ‘Data Bases’. Data are withdrawn from the customized d-Bases. Customization is done strictly according to the client and its technical standards/agency specifications and requested QCQA: standards for sieves, aggregate grading, control physical properties of the Asphalt Material And Physical Constituents, etc.


What is ‘The Advanced Asphalt Application 3.1. PRO’?


A. The Advanced Asphalt Application 3.1. PRO’ is protected commercial software brand of the latest version of the ‘Asphalt Expert Systemtm’ which is customized for variety of clients such as: Asphalt Manufacturers, Asphalt Mix Designers, Asphalt Work Supervisors, Asphalt Engineers, Certified Asphalt Labs, Asphalt Institutes, Road Directorates, , Material Suppliers, Equipment Manufacturers, Court Experts etc.