How To Select And Optimize Mineral Constituents?


A.      Asphalt Expert System®© Has The Unique Capacity For Reliable Performance Based Evaluation And Selection Of Mineral Constituents.


The Effective Tools Are:

Mineral Material ‘Pre-Selection Inquiry’,

Additional ‘Screening’ And Characterization Procedures,

‘Spatial’ & Interactive Properties Determination


Additional ‘In-House’ Testing Is More Then Recommended For Clients Own Benefits.

Representative Testing Data On Mineral Constituents Properties Such As Densities, Porosities, And Voids In Dry Compacted State (For Fillers)

Are The Base For Technologies To Deliver The Best Cost/Benefit Factor Using ‘Fine Tuning’ Optimization Techniques.

Needless To Mention, How Important Is To Obtain The Rational ‘Picture’ On Distinctive Characteristics Of The FINEST Constituents Such As: Mineralogical Origin, ‘Spatial’ Properties, And Chemical Interactive Compatibility (Binder – Modifier - Filler Bland).


International Asphalt Expert Alliance Researchers

are leaders in integration of the best optimization technologies with the latest asphalt research findings and practical experience