RATIONAL ASPHALT MODEL ®© Allows Full Comparability!


How Come?


1.      Aggregate Is Divided In Two Parts: Filler Mix and Skeletal Part  (Separation ‘Line’ Is Determined In Each Specific Case)


2.      Binder Is Divided In Three Clearly Defined And Quantified Functional Parts: ‘Absorbed’ By Skeletal Fractions, Bound To Filler Mix, ‘Free’ For Inter-granular Space/Coating  


3.      Skeletal Structure Grading Is Volumetric With Pores Included - As Such Is True Represent of Spatial ‘Packing’ And Re-granulation Potential.


4.      Voids (VTM) Are Functionally Divided In Two Parts:  Accessible And Non-Accessible


The Rational Asphalt Technology ®© Uses Above As A Base For Mix Optimization And Diagnostics Analyses (See More In Corresponding Files)


In Addition, The Laws That Govern Asphalt Material Behavior Are Fully In Compliance With This Asphalt Model:


·         Law Of Optimum Skeletal ‘Packing’,

·         Low Of Optimum Compaction,

·         Low Of Porosity,

·         Low Of Optimum Binder Film Distribution, etc.

(See More In Corresponding Files)